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Published on : 2017-04-19 15:18:04

And I do not need to go into this right now, but if you had - if you have a lightbulb or, let s say, a streetcar, you needed a different kind of push in order to make it work. And I think that, as I was finishing up the book, they were kind of the great future. DC current just wasn t any good for that. So that s another case where the plants that are making electricity aren t making enough. One is that there s one utility that just gives away electricity after 9 p updating old electrical outlets. So rather than having what we think of now as a grid, there were hundreds of grids, hundreds of overlapping electricity systems, and each of them had their own set of wires. They re just scattered every which way over a street so that you can almost not see the sky updating old electrical outlets. Get detailed bids on the price of parts and labor for each project in your home. End of the day, the sun goes down, down rolls the train. BAKKE: Yeah, I mean, I think the - there was a lot of care about conservation that came in in the 1970s because of the oil embargoes. This does not include additional costs for parts or minimum trip fees. DAVIES: Doesn t he go out and then run into a utility guy. It was sort of emblematic of a change in our whole attitude towards energy use. Bakke s book, which examines the history of electrical power and the challenges we face, is called The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans And Our Energy Future. But, yeah, you can basically pack a salt dome with air.

And there are all these wires overhead but not like we re used to them where they re kind of clustered on utility poles. So we re getting a bunch of solar power, starts to get - be 5 p. click to reveal click to reveal I am so excited about this product and we will be replacing all of our old covers will these. Coming up, Lloyd Schwartz reviews two new works by the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen. You want to just talk a bit about what happened and what it meant for the utilities. Here are a couple other projects I made to fix other eyes sores in my home. And the great story with that first tree is that there s a kid who s home, 18-year-old kid, and he s got smoke coming out of his outlets, like, in his house. You want to tell us about a couple of these compressed air and salt domes. So the electricity is free, again, because they need people to use it. Why don t we think with the grid, instead of always going back to this very easy-feeling, 20th-century way of doing things. Do you have outlet covers that are the outdated almond color. The possibilities are endless and doing a quick walk-through of your home to see where you might need work might save you time and money in the end. And he runs outside, and there s actually a tree cutting team just across the street. I bought several white outlet covers and installed them over the existing almond colored electrical outlets. DAVIES: So then when there s a surge of electricity, they have to - quickly have to find a way to find a user for it.

They re formed by the ways that we interact with technology. And with solar, it s even worse, actually, because for one thing, the sun goes down at night, so there s no solar electricity except for during the daytime. And that salt stays hot enough to generate electric power for about four hours after the sun goes down, and that s great.site de rencontre musulmane serieuse.
. We re speaking with Gretchen Bakke, author of the new book The Grid about the aging infrastructure that moves our electricity. A lot of solar power plants now, the big ones, they have what s called molten salt storage. And then they fire up this expensive, antiquated, polluting equipment. Going to the grid and not to your stove, right. This is just a thing - I think we see this with the crisis in Flint with the water supply system. Los Angeles is putting in a giant battery. This is, again, a part of that, like, excited moment in the grid is like, how can we store it. BAKKE: Well, it s a problem for the utility because we don t actually have a good way yet to store electricity, not on a large scale. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. And again, though we talk often about terrorists and various scary things hacking the grid, the greatest threat to the electric grid right now in the U. Give us an example of what it looks like. .

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