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pinsetter, or pinspotter, was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins to their correct position, cleared fallen pins, and returned bowling balls to players. After the bowler rolls their ball, and knocking down the pins, the ball strikes the pit cushion block. The GS is characterized by a sweep that rotates downward (as opposed to dropping) as soon as the ball enters the pin deck. AMF pinspotters were originated by American Machine and Foundry and are now manufactured by QubicaAMF Worldwide. It lowers the pin table on every cycle to determine scoring. It had a pit similar to the AMF and an elevator similar to the GSX. If it does not recognize any standing pins, it will set up a new set for the next frame speed dating was invented by.

Adding an extra pin does not put undue stress on the machine, but adding more than that is not advisable due to damage that can occur to the machine. The now-defunct Bowl Mor firm of central Massachusetts (no relation to Bowlmor AMF) that was more famous for their candlepin pinsetters, also made tenpin pinspotters early in their history. The Bowl-Mor company also made a duckpin pinspotter for a time, using a similar sweep device to its more famous candlepin machines. A Bowl Mor unit weighs approximate 1,450 pounds (660 kg), and draws 24 amperes at 110 volts from three-wire 110-220 volt service mains. When the magazine is loaded and the bowler is ready for a new set of pins, a lever pushes the magazine unit out to the pin table so it can take the pins out of the magazine and then set them down on the lane. The wheel brings the pin to the top and drops it into a metal tray, called a turnaround pan , similar to what exists on the rear end of the AMF 82-30 unit s pin distributor arm speed dating was invented by. This shaker transfers the ball and pins to the rear of the pit, behind the lane s pindeck.

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. The original model in the GS series (GS stands for Game Setter) was the GS-10, which was principally designed by Augusti Schmid in Scherzenbach, Switzerland to promote the sport of bowling throughout Europe. Then the table descends and the respot cells close around each neck of the standing pins. .Recherche femmes.

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