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No sooner had the king obtained possession of these houses under the money value of 200 pounds a year, than he commenced to refound some in perpetuity under a new charter gasquet dating. Mary s Abbey, Newark, New Jersey; Maryhelp Abbey, Belmont, North Carolina; St. clerics who, though not professed members of any monastic order, nevertheless possess an abbacy as an ecclesiastical benefice, with the title and some of the honours of the office. The Abbots themselves elect the abbot president. Layton declared that he had told the people everywhere that in this they utterly slandered the King their natural lord. In respect to the value of the property, Stowe s estimate would also appear to be substantially correct when he gives 30,000 pounds, or some 300,000 pounds of 1910 money, as the yearly income derived from the confiscated lands. Historical origin Monastic communities were first organized in Egypt at the beginning of the fourth century. Benedict (London, 1898); IDEM, The Law of the Church (St. Of late, however, certain branches of the Benedictine Order seem to have lost their original autonomy to some extent. The monks had been called the great standing army of Rome. They were, by all methods known to them, to get the religious willingly to consent and agree to their own extinction. A document, dated 21 January, 1535, allows Cromwell to conduct the visit through commissaries — rather than personally — as the minister is said to be at that time too busy with the affairs of the whole kingdom.

Yet the preamble of the very Act, which suppressed the smaller monasteries because of their vicious living, declares positively that in the great and solemn Monasteries of the realm religion was well observed and God well served. Benedict was based entirely upon the supremacy of the abbot. Thus, the Cassinese Congregation of the Primitive Observance has at its head an Abbot General; the English Congregation, the American-Cassinese, and the American-Swiss, have each an Abbot President. His will is supreme in all things; yet, as the Rule says, nothing is to be taught, commanded, or ordered beyond the precepts of the Lord. The word praepositus, in the signification of a monastic ruler, appears also in Roman Africa and elsewhere in the West, but towards the close of the fifth century it had been almost entirely supplanted by the term abbas. Stowe s estimate is generally deemed sufficiently near the mark, and he says: the number of the houses then suppressed was 376. Thence they proceeded together to the north, and the city of York was reached on 11 January, 1536. For some reason, possibly because of their poverty, they had not been brought under the Act of 1536. Kinds of abbots An Abbot canonically elected and confirmed, and exercising the duties of his office, is by the law of the Church styled a Regular Abbot. In Asia Minor and among the Greeks generally he was called archimandrite ( archos, a chief, and mandra, a fold, monastery) or hegumenos. All are, to use a common expression, tarred with the same brush ; all, that is, are equally smirched by the filthy suggestions of Layton and Leigh, of London and Aprice. All the officials who are to assist him in the government of the house, are appointed by him and have their authority from him.

Some Abbots indeed selected their own successors, but the cases were exceptional. The Cistercian Abbots of the Three Observances number fifty-seven. Something must necessarily be said of the actual process which was followed by the Crown agents in dissolving these lesser monasteries.rencontre fille musulmane.
. GASQUET, New York 1896); DOYLE, The Teaching of St. William of Vercelli in 1124; and the abbey of the Most Holy Trinity at Cava, dating back to 1011; in Switzerland, the abbey of Einsiedeln, founded about 934; in Hungary (Austria), the arch-abbey of St. Thus, in 448, twenty-three archimandrites or Abbots assisted at that held by Flavian, the Patriarch of Constantinople, and with thirty bishops signed the condemnation of Eutyches. Benediction of the abbot After his ecclesiastical confirmation, the newly elected Abbot is solemnly blessed according to the rite prescribed in the Pontificale Romanum ( De benedictione Abbatis). Monte Oliveto Maggiore, belonging to the Olivetans, is an abbey nullius dioecesis. The visitation opened apparently in the summer of 1535, although the visitatorial powers of the bishops were not suspended until the eighteenth of the following September. Postea additi fuere Abbates eâdem de causâ, et quia habebant administrationem subjectorum (De Syn. .Rencontre celibataire professionnel montreal.

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