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   Yesterday an expert warned that Tenerife is not the only island at risk of eruption at the moment and Iceland s biggest volcano could also be brewing. This caused travel chaos causing more than 10 million air passengers to be stranded as a result of its ash cloud and cost the European economy an estimated £4 billion ($4.   The seismic swarm has been recorded at an average depth of six to eight kilometres below sea level. A swarm of 22 earthquakes has rocked Tenerife in just four days sparking fears Mount Teide could be about to erupt. Bardarbunga is one of the most active of Iceland s 130 volcanoes. A majority of the tremors were so small they could not be located by scientists, let alone felt by any residents on La Palma. Pictured is a plane flying over the Bardarbunga volcano in September 2014 The warning follows the 2010 s explosive eruption of Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, which threw thousands of tonnes of mineral ash into the air.   The seismic swarm, recorded at an average depth of six to eight kilometres below sea level, took place over four days from 28 October to 31 October.   According to Oregon State University, most earthquakes directly beneath a volcano are caused by the movement of magma. A flurry of tremors struck the village of Vilaflor on the slopes of the 12,000ft mountain with one of magnitude 1. Mount Teide s 3,718-metre summit is the highest point in Spain and a major tourist attraction with around three million tourists visiting every year.

Thor Heyerdahl (Photo:  ) Heyerdahl first heard about the pyramids in 1990 when he read an article by Francisco Padrón in the Tenerife newspaper Diario de Avisos. A similar scenario could take place if Bardarbunga were to erupt. There are three theories and an ongoing debate dating in teneriife. He theorized that they had been built at a time when people were traversing the oceans and that a link existed between the pyramid building cultures of Egypt and those of Central America.  The most power was a tremor of magnitude 1. The Canary holiday island of La Palma experienced more than 300 mini-earthquakes last month, scientists report. He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids. In 2005, a book by Antonio Aparicio Juan and César Esteban López with the title The Pyramids of Güímar: Myth and Reality was published. From this, the mistaken conclusion was reached that they had dug down all the way to the bottom, and had realised the oldest layer was two centuries old. They were relatively minor quakes, however. An aerial photograph shows lava flowing out of the Bardarbunga volcano Most of this was fine particles that created an ash cloud.

Teide last erupted in 1909 from the El Chinyero vent on the Santiago Ridge. For the volcano to erupt the magma needs to erupt to a shallow level, but there is no risk of this happening in Teide as it is far too low , he said. The tremors struck the popular tourist village of Vilaflor on the slopes of the 12,000ft volcano last week.recherche fille au pair france.
. The latest mini-quakes followed the 40 tremors that were recorded in the weeks previously, taking the total to 352 in just ten days. 05am local time (11:05 GMT, 06:05 GMT) on Tuesday morning. Every time the rock cracks it makes a small earthquake. He warns that the tremors mean Bardarbunga is clearly preparing for its next eruption in the next few years which could create an ash cloud that will cause travel chaos. These types of swarms are common in active volcanoes , they wrote, explaining that it was caused by changes in the pressure in the hydro-thermal system.   Lucan Duria, a physicist and volcano monitoring expert at Involcan told MailOnline there are normally two or three earthquakes every day near Mount Teide, so there was nothing special about recent activity. Pyramids of Güímar  Güímar is a town in the south of Tenerife and it is the location where six of the pyramids are to be found. .

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